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Activities Scheduled This Week

Sun 1 Feb9:00 AM Divine Service Concordia Services
9:30 AM Sunday School Bethany SS
11:00 AM Divine Service Bethany Services
1:00 PM CLS School Board School
Mon 2 Feb3:30 PM Youth Catechism Bethany
5:30 PM Evangelism/Christian Service Bethany
7:00 PM Office of Compline Bethany Services
Wed 4 Feb11:40 AM CLS Chapel School
4:30 PM Youth Catechism Concordia
Thu 5 Feb3:30 PM Homeschool Band Practice School

Quick Direct Links

Daily Email Devotions
To receive twice-daily emails containing devotion texts from the Bible and the monthly Psalter. If you prefer an RSS feed, see the sidebar. For a Twitter feed with daily devotions and more, have a look at Bethany.Location.
Usefuls for Christians, their families, churches, and schools.
Mary Martha Circle
Women’s group for service and spiritual growth at Bethany.
Moodle site
Online resources for our classes, especially the Youth Catechism class.